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10 Things You Should Know Before Hiring Me

10) Make sure you look at my testimonials and recommendations. You can see where I’ve been and what others have to say about me. Also feel free to ask me for referrals.RickInStudio

9) Communication is key! Give me a call at (888) 744-9381 or send me an email at rick@patricksmithonline.com. Introduce yourself and tell me more about your event and what you are looking for. Also check in with me a couple of days before the event and the day of if there are any last minutes updates or changes. You will receive a speaker agreement from me so that we both know all the specifics (where, time, contacts, etc.) and what is expected from both of us.

8) I do ask for a speaker’s fee. Because I have traveling expenses, I must charge a fee. However, I can be flexible and I am also on the Florida Humanities Council Speakers Bureau, which can help with funding for non-profit organizations.

7) You don’t have to worry about arranging airfare, hotel and transportation to and from the event for me. However, if your organization has the means to do so, I wouldn’t turn down acceptable accommodation for my wife and me.

6) Send me guidelines on your event. How many people are coming? What size is the room? Is there internet access? What type of A/V equipment is available to me? Must I use your projector or can I use mine? How much time is allotted to for me to present? Will there be a Q&A session? etc… My basic show is 75 minutes followed by a short Q&A. Then I usually spend about a half hour signing books and meeting the audience. I do have shorter versions of my show – from 45 minutes to an hour – that I can do.

5) Make sure you get materials ahead of time from me. I have head shots, presentation material, and a biography available here. I also help you promote your event through posters, individual web pages, social media and PR postings, etc. 

4) I do use audio and video equipment to do my show. If your venue does not have access to that equipment, I can use mine that I travel with. I must have access to electricity though. I will need access to the venue and set up time before my presentation. 

3) I will have books to sell. I travel with my wife who handles that part unless you wish to make other arrangements such as selling through your bookstore or gift shop. She will also need time (and tables) beforehand to set up her display. 

2) I welcome an introduction. You don’t have to introduce me but many events do. You can make your own introduction by referring to my bio on this website. 

1) Enjoy the event! Have fun and let me do my thing. 

I’m happy to answer any other question you may have. Contact me today at Rick@ALandRemembered.com or 1-888-744-9381 and let me help you put on a great show!