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Forever Island is the story of Charlie Jumper, a native American who lives in the Everglades not far from Naples. His wife, Lillie Tiger, makes clothes that are often sold to the white people in Naples. They try to live a simple life in tune with nature, only taking what they need and always trying to give back to their environment as they understand that life and nature work together in the big plan of planet earth.

Each year of Charlie Jumper’s 86 years on earth have seen Florida’s natural beauty reduced and lost forever. For over 60 years, Charlie has hand fed his best friend, Little George, a nearly 20 foot long alligator Charlie saved when it was a baby from being blinded and tortured just for fun by a white tourist.Charlie Jumper and Lillie Tiger try to pass on their love and unity with Florida’s natural beauty and variety to their son and young grandson even as they watch the Florida they know disappear.

Forever Island is the book that first vaulted Patrick Smith into international acclaim as a writer. It was published on over 40 languages and was a Reader's Digest Condensed Book. Due to its international Red Arrowpopularity, Smith and his wife were invited to tours across the Soviet Union by the Soviet Writer's Union, a trip that lead to another Smith book, "In Search of the Russian Bear."

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