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I was thrilled when I learned that my father had kept all of his stories safely tucked away in file folders. I was honored when he said I could publish them. When I read them as a young boy, in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined that one day I would publish them. Re-reading these stories, I can see that even back when Dad was writing them, he was laying the foundation for his later literary work.

I wanted to let you sample a story to see the style. To me, Fired Mullet & Grits is a good representative tale by Patrick Smith, told in his true southern style. I can hear frogs croak and mosquitoes buzz, can feel the October air and taste that fried mullet, grits, pancakes and old fashioned, stove top coffee.

I hope you enjoy this and want to get the Red Arrowbook, A White Deer And Other Stories.

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