A Land Remembered For Students and Young Readers

Bring A Land Remembered For Students Into Your Classroom And Watch Students Get Excited About History And Reading

“The kids love the characters, the story … everything about the book.”
Nancy Prizito, 4th Grade Teacher, Beachland Elementary, Vero Beach

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A Land Remembered for students is available in a two-volume edition. Young readers love it. We have heard from many parents and teachers that this book was just what was needed to teach a youngster the joy of reading (the kids tell us the same thing). Give your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or friend the gift of a lifelong love of reading by getting them started on a book they are sure to finish – give them A Land Remembered for students.

A Land Remembered For Students

In VOLUME 1, meet young Zech MacIvey, who learns to ride like the wind through the Florida scrub on Ishmael, his marshtackie horse, with his dogs, Nip and Tuck, at his side. His parents, Tobias and Emma, scratch a living from the land, gathering wild cows from the swamp and herding them across the state to market. Zech learns the ways of the land from the Seminoles, with whom his life becomes entwined as he grows into manhood.
In VOLUME 2, with the birth of Zech and Glenda’s son, Solomon, a new generation of MacIveys learns to ride horses, drive cattle, and teach rustlers a thing or two. Sol and his family earn more and more gold doubloons from cattle sales, as well as dollars from their orange groves. The invest it in buying land, once free to all, now owned and fenced and increasingly populated, until it becomes just “a land remembered.”
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A Land Remembered Teaching Guide

You get study guides with tests on all chapters of the student volumes of A Land Remembered. They are all in pdf and Word format and are ready for you to print out and use right away or alter to meet your needs. Also includes additional activities. Order the CD-ROM and get a free DVD of Patrick Smith answering common student questions about A Land Remembered (normally a $12.95 item – it is included with the CD-Rom). For grades 4 – 8.

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Enjoy this video of student drawings based on A Land Remembered.

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All Florida kids should read this book. I’m so glad my son loved history and made me read it. ~ Susan Serra, Largo, FL

Teaching Manuals Written By Teachers To Enhance Teaching A Land Remembered

Teaching manuals are useful to teach language arts, social studies, and science coordinated with the Sunshine State Standards of the Florida Department of Education.

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A Land Remembered For Students Elementary Guide
A Land Remembered Goes To School
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Middle School Teacher Plans and Resources for A Land Remembered 

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Patrick Smith Answers Students’ Questions (DVD)
A Land Remembered For Students Teaching Guide on CDSo many students have questions for Patrick Smith, and they often fall into a similar pattern. Well, he can’t answer every letter or phone call, and he doesn’t do school talks any more, so we taped him giving answers to typical questions posed by students of Jupiter High School. You can listen in as he answers their questions. 10 minutes (This program is included FREE with the Public Performance Rights version of A Sense of Place DVD). This is the free bonus DVD included with the CD A Land Remembered teaching guide featured at the top of this page.

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FREE Resources

Vocabulary List: Here is a very extensive vocabulary list for A Land Remembered, compiled by WildClassroom.net

Student Projects: Here are some cool student projects, also compiled by WildClassroom.net.

Florida History Links

An Essay by Hailee Chattaway
A Fourth Grade Student at Eisenhower Elementary School
Clearwater, Florida

What A Land Remembered Has Taught Me

A Land Remembered has taught me to treasure the land that we’ve got, it has helped out of thinking negative and into thinking positive, and last……. This book has made me feel emotions I have never felt before. Let me tell you more!

This book has taught me to treasure the land that we’ve got. That’s my first reason why I like this book. The land that is free should be for the animals, not for hotels, condos, and mini malls. It should be only for the poor animals digging in the trash for a single scrap of food. Tobias, Zech, and Sol taught me that. The MacIvey’s are a unique, one of a kind, earth living family. I respect that 100%.

This book got me thinking less negative and more positive. That’s my second reason why I like this book. I used to think “Oh. I can’t do this,” Or “He/she is doing better than me, I suck!” Now I think more positive “I know I can!” Or “You can do it! You’re just like any other genius!”  It’s hard to think positive because my mom has three diseases, and my brother who knows a lot, isn’t very patient with me. Sometimes I think he buys new patience at the store when he takes his time to help me! But the MacIveys NEVER gave up….So I will try my best to do the same through tough times that I endure!

This book made me feel emotions I have never felt before! This is my third and final reason why I like the book! Soloman made me as furious as a trains whistle blowing! Cutting down trees, draining rivers, building hotels where hammocks once were. When Emma, Tobias, Glenda, Nip and Tuck, Ishmael, Zech, and Sol died, I was as lonesome as a lone wolf crying in the moonlight sky waiting for an answer of another wolf. The MacIvey clan came slowly and faded away fast. Sadness, and Happiness all emotions I felt reading, A Land Remembered! A story of a family that was beloved and forgotten. For the history that went with this once read book is unexplainable.

In conclusion these are the three reasons why I adore this book, A land Remembered!  It really has taught me to treasure the land we’ve got, to stay positive, not be negative, and to feel emotions I’ve never felt before.

I am a teacher in Orange County.  I have taught A Land Remembered to my Freshmen.  Although I am a Yankee Ohioan who always thought Ohio history was the best, A Land Remembered has given me new respect for the people who came to what is now the state of Florida. The story is told with such raw realism that even my most reluctant readers are interested. I read the story to my students because I can’t afford a class set, the story is so captivating I feel like I am telling them a personal story.

On a more personal note, As I drive through the state, I live in central Florida to visit my relatives in south Florida, I often think of the story.  It is like I am a part of the state I now call home. Thanks to the author and your company for printing this wonderful story.

Candace B. Drake