A Land Remembered

After reading A Land Remembered, you can never again drive through Florida without thinking of its rich history, thanks to Patrick Smith’s vivid imagery. If we take the time to listen, we discover our heritage through his stories. Patrick Smith is in the same league as Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, and others who have written so insightfully of the human condition.
– Warren Resen, Travel Writer 

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“Tobias MacIvey was thirty years old and had been in the Florida scrub for five years. He had come south out of Georgia in 1858. In his horse-drawn wagon there was a sack of corn and a sack of sweet potatoes, a few packets of seeds, a shotgun and a few shells, a frying pan, several pewter dishes, forks, and a cast-iron pot. There were also the tools he would need to clear the land and build a house: two chopping axes, a broadaxe foot, crosscut saw, auger bit, a fro and drawing knife.”

So begins the journey of Tobias, his wife Emma and son Zechariah in the Florida wilderness in the mid 19th century. The book is the powerful story of three generations of a family in Florida and a story portraying the tenacity of American pioneers: how they survived and prospered in an often hostile environment. There are those still around today who sat across the dinner table from grandparents and heard first-hand similar stories from those who were there when it happened.

For his quintessential story of three generations in Florida, published in 1984, Smith traveled the state and sat on front porches, swatting mosquitoes, sipping sweet tea and talking to country people about their lives and the lives of their parents and grandparents scratching a living off this land. While the novel is fiction it is based on these stories and actual events in Florida history.

Patrick Smith has the same gift that James Michener had. He is able to create characters that are molded by their relationship to the land they live in. You are able to emphathize with the characters as well as feel the beauty and danger of the land.

Like Michener, each generation has its protaganist:

First Generation: Tobias MacIvey and his wife Emma, who came down from Georgia, endured the hardships of pioneer Florida and got rich in cattle and orange groves.

Second Generation: Zech MacIvey and his wife Glenda and his Seminole Indian mistress, Tawanda, by whom he has a son, Toby Cypress. Zech is an experienced gunslinger and horseman.

Third Generation: Solomon MacIvey, a powerful but sad man with a poor self image, and his girlfriend and almost-wife, Bonnie. He realizes that his actions have destroyed the land.

There are other strong characters in the book who also represent the time period in which A Land Remembered is set: Skillit and his wife Pearlie Mae, former slaves hired by Tobias; Frog, a former drunk who becomes Tobias’s hired hand and best friend; Tawanda, Zech’s Seminole mistress and mother of his son Toby Cypress.

A Land Remembered is a must read for anybody who loves Florida heritage and history; even people who have never visited Florida will love it as well.

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A Land Remembered was winner of the Florida Historical Society Tebeau Prize as the Most Outstanding Florida Historical Novel. It has been voted Best Florida Book for 10 years in a row by readers of Florida Monthly Magazine. Patrick Smith was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for this book and following its publication he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature for his lifetime body of work.

Whether you are a Florida native, a newcomer to the state, a student of history or simply looking for an unforgettable book to read, you will love A Land Remembered. Don’t even hesitate – purchase now on the Patrick Smith family website!

 pointingfinger-th Hardbound $21.95
  Softbound $14.95

 You can also read A Land Remembered on Kindle and NOOK.


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