We Are PatrickSmithOnline.com

Patrick Smith Online is the family owned and operated website dedicated to promoting the books by Patrick D. Smith.

Rick Smith

Rick Smith is a professional media producer and public speaker. The son of author Patrick D. Smith, he devotes much of his time to promoting his father's literary work through the sale of his books on Patrick Smith Online and other websites. He is the owner and publisher of four Patrick Smith books: A White Deer and other stories, The Seas That Mourn, In Search of The Russian Bear and The Last Ride. Although he lives in California he spends three to four months a year on tour with his multimedia show, Patrick Smith's Florida Is A Land Remembered.

Kim Miller

Kim Miller is Rick Smith's wife and the daughter-in-law of Patrick and Iris Smith. She is intimately involved with Rick in promoting Patrick Smith's books here at Patrick Smith Online and in managing Rick's speaking tour of Patrick Smith's Florida Is A Land Remembered. Kim is well versed in video production and online marketing. She was involved in producing the DVD 'Patrick Smith's Florida, A Sense of Place.' If you call to order from this website you will most likely speak with Kim. You'll also meet her at the display table when you attend one of Rick's multimedia shows, where she handles book sales and answers questions.

Visit Our Other Websites

We have several websites dedicated to Patrick Smith and his books.
ALandRemembered.com is one you’ll want to visit.
A Land Remembered is popular in schools in Florida and we have a site dedicated to educators at TeachALandRemembered.com.

A Land Remembered Multimedia Show

Rick Smith takes his Patrick Smith’s Florida Is A Land Remembered multimedia show on tour several months out of the year. This show takes the audience through the life of Patrick Smith and explores the events that led his to write his beloved books. You can view his show schedule here.

Patrick Smith DVD

Anyone who is a fan of A Land Remembered or any other Patrick Smith books will love the award-winning video, Patrick Smith’s Florida, A Sense of Place. Produced by his son Rick and daughter-in-law Kim Miller, this is a fascinating visit with Patrick Smith as he regales views with his tales of his life and a Florida that once was, is no more and never again will be.

A Free Gift

You can get a printable file of Patrick Smith’s essay, “What Is A Florida Cracker?” This is a photo quality file that you can print for yourself or as a gift for others. Learn more here.