Patrick Smith's Florida Is A Land Remembered

Bring Patrick Smith’s Florida Is A Land Remembered To Your Community

Thank you so much for your interest in bringing Patrick Smith’s Florida Is A Land Remembered to your community. I would love to do so.

I live in California so when I take Patrick Smith’s Florida Is A Land Remembered on tour I book multiple venues during that timeframe. My typical speaking fee for the standard show is modest and reasonable at only $600. If you book me for multiple shows or locations, such as several libraries within a district, the cost per show goes down.

I understand that for smaller organizations funding can be a stumbling block and I have some suggestions about that:

2014_speakers• I am a member of the Speakers Bureau of the Florida Humanities Council. If you are a non-profit and a member ($75 fee) they will pay the fee up to $500 with a match from you. This can be cash, facilities, staff time, etc. This is a great way to get help funding the show. See FAQs here.

• Get a grant. The Florida Humanity Council also offers mini grants and has funded a number of our shows this way. See for information.

Use The A Land Remembered Show As A Fund Raising Event

• Charge admission. Many venues do this. Some even make it a dinner or lunch show. I’ve been the featured event at receptions, kick-off events, annual meetings, historical anniversaries, etc. I have seen tickets sold for $15 each for a historical museum and they sold 250 tickets. A fund raising event I did in Bonita Springs charged from $25 – $50 per ticket and filled over 200 seats. We can recommend an online service to sell tickets if you go that route or we can handle that for you. You can also use these services to reserve seats so that you don’t overbook, whether you charge admission or not.

• Find a sponsor. A local business may fund the show. Individuals who are big fans of A Land Remembered have stepped up to sponsor shows in their community. For a law firm or real estate office, for example, the $600 fee is just a pittance and they get the good will and acknowledgement for being the sponsor.

• Libraries usually turn to Friends of The Library. They frequently report that this was the most successful such event in their history.

• Ask for donations. Even if the event is offered for free, you may wish to ask for donations.

• Partner with us. If you have access to a facility that will support a large enough audience, we maybe willing to partner with you by charging admission and splitting the profits.

Those are just a few suggestions. However you do it, we help you promote the event by producing a web page that you can link to and by providing a printing file for a flyer or poster. We also notify our extensive mailing list and our Facebook pages to let people know. Most of the over 130 shows we have done have been a full house.

pointingfinger-thDon’t delay if you are interested. Once the schedule fills up, it is too late. If you wish to book a show or request more information please do not hesitate to call at 1-888-744-9381 or email