"A Land Remembered is hands down the best book I have ever read! I passed my copy along to my 3 siblings, my mom, and my grandfather. We all agree that this book can never be topped! As a true Floridian, I feel so much pride in my state and it's history. Patrick Smith is my all-time favorite author and I just wish that I could tell him how incredibly honored I feel to have his book sitting on my shelf at home, having been read by my entire family.

Sarah May

A Land Remembered is on my top ten list of all time greatest novels, which is interesting because I don't often read or enjoy historical fiction. This moving and epic novel tells the story of three generations of Florida settlers fighting to survive in old Florida. These settlers not only survive but prosper as well. However, with this prosperity comes a human and environmental price.

Patrick Carlin
Ft. Myers, FL


"So many students and teachers have written to me telling me how they enjoyed A Land Remembered. I guess I didn't think about using it to teach about Florida when I wrote it, but I'm so pleased that is happening in schools all over the state. Mostly I'm just glad young people like to read the story!"

Patrick D. Smith

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Patrick Smith's "What Is A Florida Cracker?" is a touching and timeless tribute to that tough, reliable, honest person known as a "Florida Cracker." We've prepared this artwork so that when you print it out on your printer, especially when printed onto photo quality paper, this looks just like a tattered old book opened to these beloved pages about Crackers. It is designed to be printed with enough border area to be perfectly framed in an 8 1/2" x 11" or larger frame (8 x 10 if trimmed).

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Below is a short excerpt from "What Is A Florida Cracker?"
© 2008, Patrick D. Smith

... What really makes a person a true Florida Cracker (besides being born in the state)? Several things: A love of the land and nature, growing things in soil, close family ties, and a deep sense of religion. It also means cracklin' bread and grits and periwinkle soup and swamp cabbage and okra gumbo and ham hocks with collard greens and chicken fried in a cast iron skillet and guava jelly and homemade blackberry cobbler.

A Cracker's word is his bond. If he looks you in the eye and says, "Yes, I will do this for you," then he will - and that's that. They have no pretense, never put on airs, never try to appear to be something other than what they are, and they never "blow smoke" over you. They either like you or they don't, and it's as simple as that ...

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