Fort Drum Christmas Frolic

This is one of my favorite scenes in A Land Remembered. It depicts the Fort Drum Christmas frolic where Zech and Glenda get to know each other better.

For several years we printed Christmas cards based on scenes from A Land Remembered. When I asked Dad what scene we should use, without hesitation he said “the Fort Drum Christmas frolic.” He even got a pad and pencil and roughly sketched the scene out as he saw it, with Zech MacIvey standing outside with his sweetheart Glenda Turner, and his horse Ishmael standing close by. I hired an artist to execute his sketch and here is the end result. We no longer sell it as a Christmas card but it is available as a framable print.

Get the print for only $5.00. It is printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch card stock, suitable for framing.


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Rick’s 30 year career in media and video production began with an interest in photography he developed during his youth while living in Florida. He was the director of a media production department at California Polytechnic State University for over 20 years and has worked as director of photography for several film and broadcast television projects, including stop motion animation. Although he still works in media production, Rick has found a new career as a performer/public speaker due to the success of a multimedia show he developed around his father’s life and his popular novels. He calls this show, “Patrick Smith’s Florida Is A Land Remembered.”

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