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Introducing The Last Ride … a real bull ride of a book. Get it today for $3.00 off.

When I unearthed “the lost books” of my father, Patrick D. Smith, I was able to make 3 more titles widely available for the first time. They are The Seas That Mourn, In Search of The Russian Bear and The Last Ride.

All three titles are fascinating books that deserve to be read. In this post I want to introduce you to The Last Ride.

Below is a short video to introduce you to the book. Click anywhere on it to start it playing.

The Last Ride is unique among the books written by Patrick D. Smith. It is the true story of a young man’s life and the unfortunate turn it took.

This story takes the reader on a personal journey with former bull riding champion Glen “Pee Wee” Mercer, who on November 11, 1995, at the age of 25, suffered an accident while dismounting a bull at the Southeastern Circuit Final at Brighton, Florida. This resulted in a broken neck and severed spinal cord, thus changing his life forever. The Last Ride is the dramatic story of his life both before and after the accident.


Patrick Smith met Mercer following a speaking engagement for the Friends of the Library in Williston, where Mercer lived. The two struck up a bond of friendship. Mercer was unable to write but had a colorful life’s story to tell. Smith agreed to help Mercer share his story and so they collaborated on the book. The result seven months later was publication of The Last Ride.

Although this book covers Pee Wee’s rodeo career throughout Florida and many other parts of the United States, it is not just a book about rodeo. It is also the story of young love gone awry, of adventure, high humor, youthful exuberance during those years when people think they are indestructible, of hopes and dreams of the future and how those hopes and dreams are shattered forever in just one split second of time.


This is also a heartfelt story of courage, of the determination to endure in a world few others can even imagine. Sometimes it is a very lonely world indeed, one peopled only with memories.

Smith said that “Working with Pee Wee on this book has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my lifetime. Sometimes the greatest gift you can receive in life is helping someone less fortunate than yourself. I will always remember with pleasure the road Pee Wee and I have traveled together.” Smith went on to describe Pee Wee as a “Profile in Courage.”

The Last Ride will grip the interest and emotions of all readers, young and old alike. It is much like taking a literary rafting trip down a turbulent mountain stream. You will become part of the action and will be there every step of the way.

I am certain you will enjoy this book. It deserves a place in the collection of all Patrick Smith fans.

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