Here is everything you need to know about Rick (Patrick, Jr.) Smith and his Patrick Smith’s Florida IS A Land Remembered multimedia presentation.

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Kim Miller, Tour Manager



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1. Why is A Land Remembered such a popular book in Florida?

2. What would your father say about the way Florida has changed?

3. What do you hope people take away from the show?

4. How did you get started doing this show?

5. What will people learn about your father and his books?

6. Why do you call your show “visual storytelling”?


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Here are a few testimonials from happy audience members and sponsors.

Thanks for a great program..everyone is still raving about it..good luck with the rest of the tour. Eventho, I saw your program last year, I thoroughly enjoyed it again this year. – Patsy Ketchum

I can’t begin to describe how much we enjoyed your presentation. We were totally ensorced by your lecture and the video. One silly thing, but one that meant a lot to me….I’d read Land in my mid-Atlantic English and it was a delight hearing your father’s southern accent.  It gave me a wonderfully new dimension from which to appreciate the book even more. That as well as seeing how your lives in many ways paralleled the MacIvey family. A different century, place, but still that same spirit. And what a wonderful and kind sense of humour you and your father share. – David and Tatiana (Staats)

Our history co-op enjoyed your Winter Haven presentation so much! – Kimberly Smith, Field Trip Coordinator/Performing Arts Liaison, Lighthouse Homeschoolers

Thank you for a WONDERFUL performance!!! We were so happy to have you here and maybe next February we will book a huge hall for you… we found out after the fact that we have access to an 800 seat facility… Wouldn’t that be grand??? – Alison Layne, Librarian Supervisor, Punta Gorda Public Library, Libraries and History Division

We truly enjoyed the your presentation. It’s well produced, entertaining, and educational. I’ve already contacted my friends not to miss it when you come near their towns. – Manny Alvarez

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