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Florida Cracker Cowboy DVDs and Music You Will Enjoy Owning and Sharing
These audio CDs are written and/or produced by Florida friends and artists, and represent a growing collection of items we think you will enjoy. The DVDs are an outstanding example
of the life and times of a vanishing Florida.

Florida Crackers: The Cattlemen And Cowboys of Florida

Florida Crackers DVDOccasionally, someone comes along to keep the torch of our pioneering ancestors burning. My father did it when he wrote A Land Remembered.

Some friends of mine have accomplished a similar feat with their skills in filmmaking. I’m happy to announce the release of a new movie made with an equal amount of love and respect for a vanishing lifestyle. I'm talking about Florida Crackers: the Cattlemen and Cowboys of Florida.

This story starts back to 1521, when Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon landed in what is now Florida and introduced the first cattle and horses into North America. Some descendants of these early pioneering families still play a major role in Florida's cattle industry to this day, working the land and raising the cattle that their families have owned for generations.

The film is about real-life, working cowboys in Florida: their history, their culture, and the uncertain future they face as they strive to preserve their way of life in a fast-paced modern world. 

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See a trailer from the movie here.

Florida Crackers: the Cattlemen and Cowboys of Florida DVD $19.95

Cracker, The Last Cowboys of FloridaCRACKER - the last cowboys of Florida

This is a movie depicting the life of the ranchers and cattlemen and women in the state of Florida - the second largest cattle ranching state in the USA.

Covering every aspect of their lives - from the prairies to the corrals to the rodeos and the small town parades, this movie explores a way of life that is rapidly disappearing, after 250 years of existance.

But more importantly, it reveals the danger in the loss of the Florida prairie to urban sprawl - the wholesale destruction of the wilderness and conversion to unfettered construction. Technology has allowed the rapid conversion of forest and ranchland to "martini ranches"; tiny one acre houses with no plan for sustenance and no regard for the future.

This movie, hopefully will help the public, the government and the developers themselves to see a better way - a sustainable future that we can leave to our children and posterity forever.

This multiple award-winning film is 75 minutes long. 
DVD $24.95 -

Taking Another Crack At It CD Cover
Takin' Another Crack At It
Music CD

Benjamin Dehart's music made a great contribution to "Florida Cracker Storyteller." The theme song is Ben’s version of Frank Thomas’ “Cracker Cowman” from Ben's CD, “Takin’ Another Crack At It!” This outstanding CD contains eleven songs, eight of which Ben authored. In addition, he did the arrangements, sang lead vocals and perfect harmonies, played flute, harmonica, guitar and, at appropriate moments, cracked the Florida cow whip in this wonderful collection of Florida music. His brother Jason played banjo, Gilbert Dhennin and Leo Vieira, symphonic keyboard, and Tony Macaluso upright bass.

The music flows seamlessly—instrumentation enhancing a clear, soaring tenor that defies description. The most apt title I can lay on Ben Dehart is “Pavarotti of Florida Folk.”

The CD opens with “Grey Cow Cavalry,” a song describing the Florida cowboys who rode with Jake Summerlin rounding up scrub cattle and driving them to Baldwin as food for rebel soldiers. “All I Ever Wanted To Do Was Be A Cowboy” describes graphically the plight of so many who trade their dreams for security. “Open Country” expresses the yearning of lovers of nature frustrated by unrestrained development. With “Papa, Can You Hear?”, “1993-2003, Our First Ten Years,” and “Granny, I Miss You,” Ben shares his deep love for his wife and family. “Drunk Traps” is clever and lighthearted.

Takin' Another Crack At It CD - $18.00

BenDehart DVDs

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Another Side of Me
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Listen to a sample and you'll see why you need to add this to your CD collection

Samples - Takin Another Crack At It!
CD contains 11 tracks, a 2003 release

Grey Cow Cavalry
All I Ever Wanted To Do Was Be A Cowboy
Iron Hombres & Steel Bandits: The Ballad of Cowboy Action
Open Country
Drunk Traps
Papa, Can You Hear?
1993-2003, Our First Ten Years
Granny, I Miss You
I Am A Rebel Soldier
Cracker Cowman
Deo Vindice/Erin Go Bragh

Samples - Bittersweet Cowboy Reflections
CD contains 13 tracks, Total Time 58.87
This is Ben's latest CD, a 2009 release

Wind River Rose
Ranch Rodeo Sweetheart
Sold My Saddle Blues
Cow Hunter Dreams
Incident At Ocean Pond (also known as) Olustee
Keeping Old Memories Alive
Streets of Laredo
South Coast
Little Joe The Rangler
River Runs Wild
Hats And Boots
Eagle John

Playlist From Another Side of Me
CD contains 14 tracks, a 2006 release

The Ballad of Gator & Jumper
The Gift
Medicine Man
Coming Off The Roost (Instrumental)
The Wandering Bowman
Talons Made of Steel: The Ballad of Russell Klingbeil
The Archer's Paradise
A Warrior's Life On The Lines: A Story of Native American Ledger Art
Dog Soldiers (Instrumental)
Running Out of Time
The Archer's Paradise
Prayers In Smoke

Music That Makes People Kick Up Their Heels

Patchwork is a band made up of five women who like to play everything from original Florida folk, country and bluegrass to forties swing and rhythm & blues, all on acoustic instruments! Featuring award-winning banjoist and fiddler Tammy Murray, the band hails from Gainesville, Florida, and performs at concerts, festivals, schools, clubs and parties throughout the state. They’ve even been known to call a square dance or two. In addition to adding their feminine Florida flavor to special events at the Appleton Museum in Ocala, the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville and the Sunday Sampler in Dunnellon, they have also been broadcast live on national public television and radio. They are a favorite at the Florida Folk Festival, where they have graced the Mainstage for over ten years.

With the extraordinary harmonies and sisterly rapport that can only come from years of singing together, Patchwork's performances are a delight to see and hear. They bring a spirit of camaraderie and fun to all their appearances, along with the professional ease of fifteen years of playing together. Patchwork epitomizes the idea that "Girls just want to have fun"--and they want to make sure everyone else does too!

For music that makes people feel like kickin' up their heels while managing to impart a little bit of history and education at the same time, Patchwork is an unbeatable combination!

Patchwork Live


Original folk, country and bluegrass, forties swing and rhythm & blues, with extraordinary vocal harmonies, all played on acoustic instruments!

Featuring national award-winning banjoist and fiddler Tammy Murray, Patchwork hails from Gainesville, Florida, and has been together for over fifteen years. Each member plays professionally in a variety of musical settings, and brings her own unique talent and flavor to the mix.

The group's forte is their incredible vocal blend, along with creative arrangements and unique treatments of an eclectic assortment of musical styles.

Patchwork has added their feminine Florida feel to special events at the Appleton Museum in Ocala, the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville and the Sunday Sampler in Dunnellon, and been broadcast live on national public television and radio. Their professional ease onstage, instrumental prowess, and beautifully blended voices have made them a favorite at festivals statewide, including the Gamble Rogers Festival in St. Augustine, the Will McLean Festival in Dade City, and the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs.

Here's Buffalo Gals as a sample.

Patchwork Live! In Concert CD $18.00 -

Patchwork Rides Again
Patchwork Rides AgainThe recording includes original music like the award-winning "My Heart Belongs to Florida",
jazz tunes like "It Don't Mean a Thing (if it Ain't got That Swing)", rhythm & bluesgrass like Aretha Franklin's "Rescue Me", bluegrass tunes like "Thank Heavens for Dale Evans", and Stephen Stills' rock classic "Helplessly Hoping."Modern Folk-bluegrass with jazz and rhythm & blues from Florida.

Recorded live at the Thomas Center in Gainesville FL, Jan 2005

Here's My Heart Belongs To Florida.

Patchwork Rides Again CD $18.00 -

Butch Harrison Florida Cracker Storyteller Cover PhotoA DVD by the producers of
Patrick Smith's Florida, A Sense of Place

Butch Harrison
Florida Cracker Storyteller

This DVD contains 58-minutes of stories in three chapters. The first section, filmed at a Florida pioneer homestead at Florida Capital State Park in Perry, Florida, provides a rich introduction to early settler life. An authentic settler house and outbuildings provide the perfect background as Butch demonstrates how and why settlers built the typical "Cracker House," what they ate and how they lived.

Much of the music is by Butch's friend, fellow Floridian Benjamin DeHart. (See above for information about his CDs)

In the second section, Butch entertains us with true tales of his life as a guide and gladesman in the Florida Everglades. These are colorful stories of frogs, fish and alligators in the world that was Butch's playground, a world that is increasingly threatened today.

Florida Cracker Storyteller DVD - $19.95

Florida Cracker StorytellerAlso Available As An Audio Book

We've taken the entire contents of the Butch Harrison DVD and created an audio book (audio CD) that you can listen to in your car while driving or relaxing in your favorite place.

Audio CD - $16.00

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