The Complete Patrick D. Smith Library

The Complete Patrick D. Smith LibraryIntroducing The Complete Patrick D. Smith Library
If you have read any of Patrick Smith’s books you know what a joy they are. His efficient writing style doesn’t waste a word and every story draws the reader in with the characters.

Here at the official Patrick Smith family store we often are asked which books a person should read. We say “All of them!” We’ve made it easy with The Complete Patrick D. Smith Library.

Enjoy his seemingly effortless writing style as he takes you deep into the swamps and bayous of Southern Mississippi in the River is Home. See old Charlie Jumper, an 86-year old Seminole as he fights a battle he cannot possibly win in Forever Island (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize). Watch as the Teeter family comes to Florida looking for a better life but ends up enslaved in a migrant worker camp in Angel City (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize). And of course, live the three generations of the MacIvey family as they carve a kingdom out of a wilderness in A Land Remembered.

Every on of Smith’s books is a treasure and this is the only place where you can get all 10 of his books and his DVD, Patrick Smith’s Florida, A Sense of Place, for just $145, including an attractive tote bag. That’s over $25 off the individual prices.

pointingfinger-thGet it all for $145  

The Complete Patrick D. Smith Library Includes:

The River is Home (Softbound) $11.95

The Beginning (Softbound) $16.95

Forever Island (Hardbound) $14.95

Allapattah (Softbound) $11.95

Angel City (Softbound) $11.95

A Land Remembered (Hardbound) $21.95

In Search of The Russian Bear (Softbound) $12.95

The Last Ride (Hardbound) $18

A White Deer and Other Stories (Softbound) $10.95

The Seas That Mourn (Softbound) $14.95

Patrick Smith’s Florida, A Sense of Place (DVD) $19.95

Patrick Smith Answers Common Questions about A Land Remembered (DVD) $12.95

Includes a custom printed tote bag

pointingfinger-thGet it all for $145