Patrick Smith's Florida, A Sense of Place

Viewing A Sense of Place is like taking a personal trip with Patrick Smith through Florida in the 1930 and later, a trip that allows a rare glimpse into the extraordinary mind of a writer who has written about preserving the land that Florida once was, with exquisite details and poignancy . . . a Florida that will never be again.

~ Barbara Oehlbeck

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Patrick Smith's Florida, A Sense of Place

Spend an hour with one of Florida’s favorite writers, Patrick D. Smith, as he takes you on a nostalgic journey to a Florida that exists today only in books, such as in his beloved novel, A Land Remembered.You’ll get to know both the author and the state of Florida better as this soft spoken gentleman introduces you to the Florida of his youth. You’ll be touched by the true stories of his adventures along the way to writing his books, many of which are now modern-day classics.

Old photographs tell more than words cn say as he tells the why and how he wrote his books that have become classics. The scenery throughout the film is outstanding as is the music.

The unusual aspect of this production is that it all “fits” artistically, gently, yet with quiet drama and a sense of realness not easy to portray … the sounds of the birds, their wing-songs, waves and water. There is nothing artificial, no gimmicks “of the trade”

This is a DVD the entire family will enjoy. It makes a wonderful gift for anyone who lives in or loves Florida.

Everyone living in Florida needs this DVD. It is warm, funny, and it excites your spirit. It will make a perfect gift for anyone and everyone who lives in the State of Florida, and also to those who do not. Patrick Smith’s books, and especially the DVD, will help many people to feel at home in Florida, and it will also help them to take better care of it!

… Kathi Sizemore, Edgewater, FL

Patrick Smith’s son, Rick (Patrick, Jr.) an award-winning filmmaker living in California, shot and edited this loving tribute to his father, with help from his wife, Kim, herself a professional editor and producer.

Patrick Smith personally narrates this multiple award-winning program as video, historical photos and re-enacted scenes bring his stories to life.

Patrick Smith’s Florida, A Sense of Place is 54 minutes long and includes fascinating stories of Patrick Smith’s life and adventures; experiences that he had to have in order to write his books the way he did. It provides great insight not only into Florida’s past, but into the mind of one of her favorite writers.

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For Showing to public audiences, as a reward in schools (like a rainy day), or when charging admission. This the same thing you’d want for any commercial film use. This version includes a free copy of the “Patrick Smith Answers Common Questions About A Land Remembered” DVD, a $12.95 value.

A Sense of Place is also available as an audio book!

Patrick Smith's Florida, A Sense of Place Audio CDPeople asked for it and here it is. Now you can listen to the magical stories of Patrick Smith in his own voice whenever it is convenient for you, even while driving. This audio book is every word and sound from the DVD, but instead of seeing the video you make it up in your head. This is an excellent audio book while traveling on long road trips. 56 minutes.

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