Florida Crackers DVDOccasionally, someone comes along to keep the torch of our pioneering ancestors burning. My father did it when he wrote A Land Remembered.

Some friends of mine have accomplished a similar feat with their skills in filmmaking. I’m happy to announce the release of a movie made with an equal amount of love and respect for a vanishing lifestyle. I’m talking about Florida Crackers: The Cattlemen and Cowboys of Florida.

This story starts back to 1521, when Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon landed in what is now Florida and introduced the first cattle and horses into North America. Some descendants of these early pioneering families still play a major role in Florida’s cattle industry to this day, working the land and raising the cattle that their families have owned for generations.

The film is about real-life, working cowboys in Florida: their history, their culture, and the uncertain future they face as they strive to preserve their way of life in a fast-paced modern world.

Florida Crackers: The Cattlemen and Cowboys of Florida DVD $19.95