Rick (Patrick, Jr.) Smith's Bio


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Rick (Patrick, Jr.) Smith and his wife, Kim Miller, live in Cambria, CA, where they own Panorama Studios, a video and media production company. Rick’s 30 year career in media and video production began with an interest in photography he developed during his youth while living in Florida.

Rick maintains close connections to Florida. His family lives in Florida and he spends several months each year visiting them and conducting business related to his late father, Patrick D. Smith. Much to his surprise, Rick has found a new career as a performer/public speaker due to the success of a multimedia show he developed around his father’s life and his popular novels. He call this show, “Patrick Smith’s Florida Is A Land Remembered.”

Few if any books have captured the spirit and colorful history of Florida’s past as has Patrick Smith’s beloved novel, A Land Remembered. It has been said many times that people should be issued a copy of A Land Remembered when they cross the Florida state line and that it should be required reading for students to graduate from high school.. This book has become a major focus of Rick’s life as he presents his shows and meets Floridians, snow-birds and tourists around Florida.

Rick draws heavily on his career in media production to bring his show to vivid life. He incorporates over 50 videos that he has created to illustrate the fascinating events that led his father to write his novels, and to bring each of those novels to life for audience members.

Rick created and maintains several websites centered around his father’s books, including Patrick Smith Online.com and ALandRemembered.com.