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Rick SmithA Land Remembered Show Coming To You Soon

Hi, I’m Rick Smith. Audiences all over Florida have raved about the A Land Remembered Show about my father, Patrick  D. Smith, and his beloved books, especially A Land Remembered. I call it Patrick Smith’s Florida Is A Land Remembered. It isn’t a stuffy “lecture” or a “talk.” I call it visual storytelling and it’s a fun, fast-paced and entertaining “show!” I love taking this show on the road and I’m coming back in March, 2017. I hope to meet you along the way.

Few if any books have captured the spirit and colorful history of Florida’s past as has Patrick Smith’s beloved novel, A Land Remembered. It has been said many times that people should be issued a copy of A Land Remembered when they cross the Florida state line. It shows you the real Florida, not the vacation destination so many people think of it as.

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A Land Remembered is a key theme of my show, but in order to understand what led him to write this book l also talk about the other books that were important steps in my father’s writing career. In my opinion, every one of them is a gem and the A Land Remembered Show is the best possible way to meet the author and understand his work more deeply as I take the stage with this multimedia show about him and the extraordinary experiences that enabled him to write such unforgettable stories about the “river rats” of Mississippi (The River is Home), the Seminoles of South Florida (Forever Island and Allapattah), the plight of migrant workers (Angel City) and ultimately, the pioneers so accurately portrayed in A Land Remembered.

You can bring Patrick Smith’s Florida Is A Land Remembered to your community. Contact me at Rick@ALandRemembered or call 1-888-744-9381 to book a show for your school, library, museum, historical society, event or other venue. The schedule will fill quickly so don’t wait.

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Patrick Smith makes video appearances throughout the program to entertain and enlighten you about his extraordinary life as a writer and his thoughts about Patrick D. SmithFlorida.

 He’ll explain things such as how his first Florida book, Forever Island, gained him international attention and resulted in two trips to the USSR and a nomination for a Pulitzer Prize in Literature. This was a crucial step in his writing career and actually inspired him to write a true chronicle of that trip to the USSR.

He’ll explain how he worked alongside migrant workers in order to write Angel City, which helped improve the lives of migrant workers everywhere.

 You’ll learn how he researched A Land Remembered for over two years before he could write it.

 He’ll share his thoughts about the “real” Florida

 See how seemingly random events play into Patrick Smith’s books.

This show is a sensory delight incorporating video clips, photos, paintings, music, sound effects and a few jokes to transport you to another place and time, all the while I’m narrating it live. In fact, there are over 50 videos in the show, along with some pretty amazing special effects, sound effects, music and more. I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it. I leave time to answer questions and will happily sign your books (even though my Dad wrote them.) Come and enjoy an unforgettable journey into a Florida that once was, is no more, and never again will be. Below are a few sample of videos I use in the show to introduce some of Dad’s less well known books:

Here is a video I created to introduce people to The Last Ridehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQI8Xs4xoGM

This one introduces The Seas That Mournhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9rItkjnKLU

This one introduces The River is Home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GViSzDg1AP4

pointingfinger-th  You can bring Patrick Smith’s Florida Is A Land Remembered to your community. Here’s how.

Scenes From Patrick Smith's Florida Is A Land Remembered